The change from summer to fall is so beautiful! It’s my favorite time of year, to be truthful, but with that change comes “The Sick” ... the flu, sinus infections, ear infections, allergies. Fortunately, there are a ton of immune boosting herbs out there. (Mother Nature knew what she was doing)

We created 3 specific tea blends because, let’s be real, there’s not just one type of sick. 



This beautiful blend is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-microbial. This is also the tea that you want to be drinking between the sick to keep your immune system working strong.



It’s in the name, my friends! Excellent for sinus pressure, infections and allergies. This herbal tisane is magic for any upper respiratory illness and calms a nagging cough.

Ultimate Elderberry-1.jpg


Your kids will be asking for this tea it’s so good! This blend of herbs soothes a sore throat, eases that nagging cough, and kills bacteria. It’s high in vitamin C and naturally sweet! (Bonus: this tea is great for singers)

A few other suggestions for avoiding “The Sick” 

Exercise: try and break a sweat once a day. It’s hard for unwanted bacteria to get in deep if you are sweating it out everyday.  

Raw fruits and Veggies: eat them! Raw foods contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs on the reg to stay healthy. 

De Stress: easier said than done, trust me, I know. Life is always going to be bumpy so you better start figuring out how to navigate through it all in a healthy way. Meditation, yoga, a glass of wine, (or whiskey in my case), ample time with the ones you love, Dance party, or getting out in the woods and mountains is my favorite way to de stress. 

Get ahead of the flu shot this year!  

-Meghan, Owner/Founder