Signature Package (FREE Green Leaf Infuser)

Signature Package (FREE Green Leaf Infuser)

from 40.00

We've paired 4 of our most popular "Signature Blends" for one low discounted price!

Detox Tea - While most detox teas that work this well are bitter and hard to drink, our DETOX blend will cleanse the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, colon, and intestines with a delicious minty-sweet flavor you're guaranteed to love. 

Energy - Regain mental clarity along with focus, strength, and stamina! This blend incorporates strengthening herbs with herbs to balance the body, resulting in a well-rounded energy boosting tea.

Stress Relief Tea - This soft, light clove flavored tea that will surely relax even the most tensed of us.

Insomnia Relief Tea - Here is a great blend that will help put your mind and body at ease, granting you your best night's sleep!

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