Immune Booster

Immune Booster

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Elderberry is used for its antioxidant activity, to lower cholesterol, to improve vision, to boost the immune system, to improve heart health and for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and tonsillitis.

Ingredients: Organic Elderberry, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Echinacea



Powerful blend of herbs that have been used for years to build and support the immune system, fight bacteria, promote healing, cleanse the lymphatic system, increase resistance to bronchitis, and detox and purify blood.This is the perfect tea for the cold and flu season.  Rather than getting a flu shot, add this immunity boosting blend to your tea drinking regimen.

Ingredients: Organic Echinacea Purpurea, Organic Nettle, Organic Olive Leaf, Organic Calendula Flower, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Kukicha Twig Green Tea

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