Healthy Pregnancy


Healthy Pregnancy

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This all Organic Pregnancy tea, is becoming a client favorite! This tea contains Chamomile, Spearmint and Ginger for their effectiveness on morning sickness. Nettle for its rich minerals. 
Red Raspberry leaves are high in iron and enrich colostrum that is in mother's milk, cleanses the blood, purifies and prepares breasts for nothing but a pure milk supply. This amazing herb, (being stated as "The Midwives best friend) builds tissue and has been said to prevent tearing of the cervix during birth. 
Wild Yam has been used for the prevention of miscarriage and will lessen cramping, pain, and nausea.
Echinacea has been used through out pregnancy for it's ability to build a strong immune system and prevent infections!
This tea is safe enough to use through out the entire pregnancy.

Ingredients: red raspberry, chamomile, spearmint, nettle, wild yam, echinacea, ginger all organic



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