There are a lot of herbs out there that are great for migraines, but my heart really settled on six herbs in particular to create the perfect tisane for preventing and relieving migraines. 

White Willow Bark: The active ingredient in this herb is called salicin and it made its debut in the form of aspirin in 1899 with Bayer company. Salicin is a wonderful anti inflammatory used long before chemists discovered its amazing healing benefits.  

Rosemary: This delicious culinary herb encourages blood flow to the brain, which reduces inflammation. Studies have shown wonderful results in particular with cluster headaches.  

Sage: Also a wonderful herb for cluster headaches, marrying nicely with rosemary. Sage increases blood flow to the brain, decreasing inflammation. This herb is especially effective with hormonal headaches, specifically migraines during menopause.  

Feverfew: This herb is primarily used as a preventative. Feverfew reduces inflammation and stops the aggregation of platelets. 

Lavender: This herb has long been used to treat stress and tension and in turn works great to relieve tension headaches brought on by stress and anxiety.  

Nettle: Contains non-steroidal anti inflammatory properties. This herb is also widely known to reduce allergy symptoms, such as runny nose, itchy eyes and asthma. 

This is a blend that I have become really proud of over the years. Aside from the Insomnia Relief tea, this is the one we get the most feedback about. Not only is it great for migraines and headaches but people are using it to treat back pain, joint pain and arthritis!  

Meghan DollyComment